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  1. alu equipment border
    alu equipment border

    Art.-Nr. 8699

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  2. utility fork
    utility fork

    Art.-Nr. 8919

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  3. hand-scrub-brush round
    hand-scrub-brush round

    Art.-Nr. 8835

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  4. turk's head-brush with handle
    turk's head-brush with handle

    Art.-Nr. 8742

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  5. cutter-brush

    Art.-Nr. 8755

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  6. cutter-brush with hand protection
    cutter-brush with hand protection

    Art.-Nr. 8756

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  7. chopping block brush
    chopping block brush

    Art.-Nr. 8834

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  8. paddle-scraper

    Art.-Nr. 8730

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  9. paddle-scraper with holes
    paddle-scraper with holes

    Art.-Nr. 8731

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  10. Vegetable-brushes

    Art.-Nr. 6000

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  11. plane

    Art.-Nr. 88337

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  12. stainless steel refill blades
    stainless steel refill blades

    Art.-Nr. 88338

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