About us

haug bürsten was founded in 1962 by Traudel and Hans Haug for the industrial brushes production; however the artisan tradition of the family business dates back to the year 1836. Approximately 15.000 m² of the 23,000 m² factory area of the site in Königsbrunn are used for production, storage and administration. haug bürsten is known worldwide for being the manufacturer of hygiene-brushes with the highest quality which can be used in all food-processing companies. We produce our innovative and creative brush-ideas with equipments of highest technology and upmarket raw-materials.

Rules and controls 

We confirm that all articles in our catalogue which are marked with Haug Lebensmittel and/or feidb haug are conform with the rules of the Commodities Regulation of the VO (EG) 1935/2004. The HACCP-concept can only work out with a careful cleaning and disinfection and haug bürsten follows these hygiene regulations with their hygienic brushes. The european federation of brushware manufacturer F.E.I.B.P. has established a charter and a logo for Professional Hygiene Brushware „PHB“ which will be assigned only to manufacturers of high quality professional brushware like haug bürsten is. The german association for the food quality control recommends haug hygienic brushes as well.

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Fields of applications

  • food-processing companies: butchers, slaughterhouses, bread factories, fisheries, dairies, breweries, vineries
  • bakeries, pastry shops
  • gastronomies, caterings, large kitchens, canteens, HORECA
  • hospitals, homes, health care
  • agriculture
  • cleaning services, contract cleaners
  • chemical industries
  • pharmaceutical industry

Produktion haug buersten

Characteristics of the high quality haug hygiene articles

1. Plastic blocks:

  • ergonomic handles
  • shape-retaining, non-toxic, resistant to acids and alcalis, long durability, cold- and heatresistant (except polystyrene), autoclavable, sterilizable
  • cleaning without cross-contamination

2. Bristles:

  • polyester PBT bristles: shape-retaining, non-toxic, resistant to acids and alcalis, long durability, cold- and heatresistant, autoclavable, sterilizable characteristics of polyester PBT: high resetting elasticity, high putting up ability, low water absorption, high heat- and chemicals resistance
  • cleaning without cross-contamination
  • wire: V4A wire, not attracting rust
  • colour-coding: 5 different bristle colours white, red, blue, green and yellow can be used in different areas of application to avoid cross contaminations. Every company has the opportunity to specify their different cleaning areas with a different colour.
  • PP-fibres: water absorption, high resistance against chemicals, less heat resistant, bend slightly
  • Nylon fibers: high water absorption, bad relation between the dry- and wet stiffness, incompatibility against mineral acids and their solutions
  • Natural, hollow and flagged fibres are not PHB conform in critical hygienic areas.

3. Rubber squeegees:

Sponges which are used in hygienic areas must have minimum 95% closed cells, this is written in the FEIBP Charter. The water absorption of our black special rubber strips is under 5%, the water absorption of our food-approved rubbers is even under 1%. Refill rubbers fit in all of our plastic rubbers squeegees.

4. Handles:

Handles are in anodised aluminium, fiberglass, plastic, aluminium/plastic and epoxy-lacquered metal, with original haug coupling system, excellent for a professional and extremely strong connection to the cleaning equipment.

  • easy and effective use: „stick in - screw down – 100 % professional fixation“

All handles with stecksystem can be used with all articles with the stecksystemsymbol, irrespective of the exterior diameter of the handle. The strong qualities have bending strengths up to 65 kg. Handles with notch damages must be changed for safety reasons. We recommend a handle with 25 mm exterior diameter for floor articles from 400 mm on.

5. Special assortments:

  • assortment of antibacterial brushes
  • assortment of metal detectable articles

6. Care and storage:

Through our high quality standards there must be no hesitation about the hygienically standards of our products in using them by thermal and fluid treatment. Please pay attention not to put the bristles under pressure while they are under hot heat or steam treatment. Cleaning equipment must be kept in good ventilated rooms or closets in hanging position without floor- or wall contact.


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