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A Family Business with Tradition

haug bürsten was founded in 1962 by Traudel and Hans Haug for the industrial brushes production; however the artisan tradition of the family business dates back to the year 1836. Approximately 15.000 m² of the 23,000 m² factory area of the site in Königsbrunn are used for production, storage and administration. haug bürsten is known worldwide for being the manufacturer of hygiene-brushes with the highest quality which can be used in all food-processing companies. We produce our innovative and creative brush-ideas with equipments of highest technology and upmarket raw-materials.



haug bürsten Industry solution

food processing companies

Agriculture, breweries, wineries, fishing companies, dairies

Meat-processing establishments

Sausage and butcher stores, butchers, slaughterhouses

Baking trade

Bakeries, pastry shops, bread factories

Beverage industries

Beverage trade, beverage producers, breweries, wineries

Sanitary cleaning

Cleaning of sanitary facilities

Antistatic security areas

Electrostatic charging and discharging in the working environment

Canteen, kitchen, catering

Gastronomy, canteen kitchens, canteens, HORECA

Clinics, retirement and nursing homes

Hospitals, Homes

Swimming pool - Hygiene - Assortment

Cleaning companies, building cleaning, chemical industry

Floor cleaning & floor care

Cleaning companies, building cleaning, chemical industry

Exterior cleaning & contract cleaner

Cleaning companies, building cleaning, chemical industry